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KOTF is a extensive project which approximately 2gb and has hurters of new features. As you all know to release the part which is completed I separated the mod into two parts each is 1gb.By means of this players are able to play main part right now and in the part which is currently under construction there are 30 more mission ,four multiplayer mod. Please click to learn full content of part 1 and part 2
Except all of this with one of the biggest feature which is Kotf add/load system you will be able to generate your own fantasies and share them ! You will be able to share the missions you prepared with other fans at forums by saving. If your knowledge reaches enough level you will be able to produce your own mods for kotf and share them. (unless those are need to be type of mods which donít makes changements at base folder. ie: GameData/KnightsoftheForce/Mymod_Folder/ )
We will release the save game and mods in this page which we find successful. Additionally in time upon the wish and requests comes from we will utilize and release various models and map updates you will be able to provide those from this page.
This information is on for players who has high level programming knowledge :
Note: Never add anything to KnightsoftheForce/base folder. By interrupting sensitive balances you may cause the parts which may seen irrelevant work wrong or totally crash. Kotf is a mod which uses Jedi Academy at limits. Due to this KOTF is not proper mod for personal customization. Without damaging game's normal function you can work your mods only this method;
* Open a folder inside KnightsoftheForce folder. ie: Mymod_Folder
(GameData/KnightsoftheForce/Mymod_Folder/ )
* with windows notepad (Gamedata/Mymod.bat) open a note. The code which needs to be inside Mymod.bat :
start jasp.exe +set fs_game Mymod_Folder +set fs_basepath KnightsoftheForce
if your mode is for multiplayer replace jasp.exe with jamp.exe
* After this it depends on your creativity and your luck even the mode causes your game crash this will occur only
at your mod folder and will not effect rest of the game.
May the force be with you.

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